Wednesday, 18 April 2012

'Pearl' Bracelet

Hi one and all, I've been busy altering curtains so no cards this time round!  Instead, I thought I'd show you a dainty 'pearl' bracelet made just last week.  A cousin had been having a bit of a clear out and passed on a box of small 'faux' pearls - being a crafter I didn't say 'No'... well it would have been rude wouldn't it?
All I've used are headpins, jump rings and 'pearls', the actual bracelet chain is made from the  headpin pieces cut off while making the little 'droppers' - make a loop at one end of the pin, thread on a 'pearl', make a loop at the other end, link together with a jump ring to make a chain - no waste!!

Hope you like it... I feel earrings to match may be on their way!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine

Su xx


  1. Lovely stuff, Su! My birthday's coming up, hint, hint! Lol.

  2. Su that is really gorgeous , i love making jewelery , have you tried making your own beads from paper ,magazines,i find that really soothing to do , i have made loads of stuff with them and it hardly cost anything ..... Hugs Sue xx

  3. Ok - birthday noted Lexie! Sue I've not got around to trying that just yet but have been looking for the future so may just need to pick your brains as and when - lol!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, they're really appreciated.

    Su x