Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hi everyone, just an update so you know my blog has not been deserted.... just postings delayed!  Mam had her surgery but, unfortunately, it would have been much too dangerous for them to replace the faulty valve so has literally had 'all the pain and none of the gain'.  She's now home and I've stayed with her until she's back on her feet, however tires very easily and apart from pottering around the house, she's no better off than she was before the surgery.  All is not lost and she's awaiting an appointment to hear the results of tests carried out before she left hospital with regard to an alternative procedure.  Needless to say we're all keeping our fingers crossed and just helping out in any way we can.

Hope to get back to blogging soon, 'til then take care.



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  1. Fingers crossed for good results from the tests then Su , sending big hugs to you and your Mum , i will be thinking of you .....Hugs Sue xxx