Monday, 23 September 2013

And along came another....

This has got to be some kind of record (well for me anyhow!) two posts within an hour or so!  This is my version of  Rachel Norris' wonderful Dragonfly design.  Thank you Rachel for the brilliant instructions on your first DVD 'Rachel Norris - Wirework Masterclass 1'  and I look forward to attempting some of the other elements on there (once my fingers have recovered - lol!)

It's only the second 'major' piece of wirework jewellery I've attempted, the first being Rachel's lovely 'Daisy' design (hmm... not sure if I've shown you that one, will check and post a pic if not already done so!)

The whole brooch is made using various gauges of chartreuse coloured silver plated copper wire with moss agate beads for the body and fancy jasper for the eyes and tiny beads on the wings.  I had a couple of attempts at the wings - the first of which could've easily fitted a Lancaster Bomber (lol!) anyhow I scaled them down and got things more in proportion (the larger set are still in tact in a box to be used at a later date).

I'm pretty pleased with the finished item, and look forward to learning more about wirework and trying new techniques in this medium in the future. It just goes to show what even a beginner like me can achieve with good instructions and a little determination.

I'm entering 'my' dragonfly in a couple of challenges - NEBBIES (on Facebook) and the
 'Anything Goes' part of the September challenge for Beading Friends Forever at

I'll be back tomorrow with my entries for the 'tutorial' part of the BFF September Challenge, so will say Goodnight for now.

Crafty Hugs

Su x

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