Thursday, 24 April 2014


I showed you the dolls I'd made for Emmy and Jessica but I also made something else that will hopefully stay with them as they grow into young ladies....

I designed these so that they'll wrap twice around the girls' wrists while they're small but then are long enough to be worn into teen/adult years as they grow up.  They're made from freshwater cultured pearls, each individually handknotted, with the Amethyst star as a feature accent (this is the girls' birthstone as they were born in February), the clasp and small extender chain are sterling silver and I added a mother of pearl heart to one and a star to the other, both with a tiny Tanzanite chip (my birthstone) just above them as a reminder of who made the gifts.  Again, mum, gran and granddad loved what I'd done and said how thoughtful it was to make them to last thro' to adulthood.

I made the boxes too, using my Silhouette Cameo to cut the pieces (much more accurately than I could have done by hand!) and added ribbons and Wild Orchid Sweetheart Blossoms to the pink satin card lids for decoration - if I say so myself they did look rather pretty and special!  For the insert cards I glued white mulberry paper to card and then cut it out on the Cameo, turned out very well despite the fact that it's not usually recommended to cut fibrous papers with a cutting machine!

Anyhow, hope this finds you well and enjoying a little spring sunshine - makes everything look so much better doesn't it?  Until next time, take care

Su xx

Monday, 21 April 2014

Here Come The Girls!

Hi everyone, hoping you're having a lovely Easter weekend!  I said a while ago I was doing something a bit different well, here they are....

I've knitted these for my cousin's beautiful twin granddaughters, who we went to meet yesterday and they are gorgeous - perfectly behaved and didn't even cry when I had a cuddle!

The dolls have taken me a while to do, apart from the amount of work involved, including knitting in 25mtrs of lace I suffer quite badly with neck/arms and shoulders (lose feeling) when I knit, then there was all the sewing up!  Anyhow Sugar Plum and Sally Anne were very much appreciated by the twins' mum, grandma and granddad (unfortunately their daddy had to work so we didn't see him) and hopefully once Emmy and Jessica are old enough they'll love them too.

It made a lovely change to be able to make something pink, lacy and definitely girlie after all the boys....

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break, see you again soon

Su x