Thursday, 3 November 2016

At last..... I've been doing a little parchment!

Hi everyone, mojo has been MIA for a good while but is finally returning, just in time for Christmas cards thankfully!  Anyhow as the weather is definitely turning colder, my little craft room is the perfect place to be as it warms up nice and quickly once I turn either the TV, PC or indeed heat gun on - rofl!

I'm a big fan of parchment craft and was quite proficient/familiar with the variety of skills needed to produce the beautiful lacy effects many years ago but let this fall by the wayside as I began doing other things, as we crafters tend to do!  Anyhow I have rediscovered this beautiful hobby and am current in process of relearning the processes, Clarity Stamps Groovi Plate system is a wonderful way to start as your line art is usually perfect!  My good friend Anne and I went along to the Harrogate Parchment Show a couple of weeks ago and were totally in awe of the superb works displayed there!  Wow!  We booked ourselves on a couple of Make 'n' Takes, which we thoroughly enjoyed and these are my efforts at the projects on offer!  I've still got a long way to go but have, at least, made a start on the journey!

I've got another couple of projects almost finished so will be back to share these soon, until then take care

S xx

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